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Let's create memories that will last you a lifetime.

To me it is more than just a session, I want to create a memory you will never forget. No more "pose & smile," thats not how I roll. I want to show the REAL you, so I will give you some direction but just be you! When you book with me, be prepared to live in the now. Throw all of those worries to the side & I PROMISE we will create a memory you will never forget, oh & did I mention you will get amazing photos to remember that moment forever!? I will be your ultimate hype girl through it all! 

What to expect in your gallery 

"Photography is capturing a memory that you can relive forever & never forget."

"Where will we go?"

I get the question "what kind of photos do you take?" I will provide a few of those "smile at the camera" photos, but capturing raw emotions and those candid moments are what I live for. 

When it comes to how many photos you receive & when, each session I provide about 30 photos. It takes me about 3-4 weeks to edit, I am a perfectionist! 

My job is to make this experience easy & fun, so don't stress about coming up with places where we will have our session. If you do have a place in mind, let me know before the session & I will gladly say "HECK YES!"

When it comes to travel, I AM HERE FOR IT! I love new places & meeting new people. Don't hesitate to reach out to me because you think I won't come to you, because that is the opposite. I want to make memories with you where that might be!

I will be in touch soon!

Thank you!

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